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"I have been consulting with them regarding a small problem and I always got the best advice and with the best attitude. You definitely want to have them on your side."

- Claudio C.

"Thank you so much, Ms. Phillips! You took a load off of me, with your professional legal expertise. You responded quickly and professionally. I highly recommend Ms. Phillips for any legal matter you might need."

- Martha 

"These guys were great and a LIFESAVER! I called Kerri on a whim when I didn't know where else to go in regards to a lawsuit. She provided me with great advice and help BEFORE I even hired this firm to help me. Once I did decide to use KD Phillips Law Firm, they were super flexible with helping set up a payment plan. I ended up getting my case dismissed and it was well worth what I paid. I am so thankful they were able to help me."

- Christina

"I had a consultation with her that may have literally changed my life. Brought me the peace i needed, and the know-how to navigate my legal needs. I thank you so much for being available to women like me as me and my family can have peace of mind regarding our situation! I can't wait to see you in action!! I definitely recommend."

- Farrah

"I spoke with Kerri Phillips at length and she told me exactly what was going on, what to expect, and most importantly what could be done to help. I hired Phillips and have dealt with several members of the team who have helped me with everything from the legal paperwork, accounting, and even credit repair. Everyone was professional and gave me the feeling that I wasn't being judged and they had my best interest and my back. They clearly work together as a team of experts. They are professional, compassionate and the consumer's advocate. I did not get a dismissal in my case. What I did get was a far better settlement than I was expecting and the needed help to start over fresh immediately. They never misled me and underpromised and overdelivered on results. Old fashioned service, high tech knowledge and results. Hiring Phillips Law is a decision I am proud of and has made my life better."

- Ray

"She was very, very helpful and very very informative, and in my opinion very honest. Honestly, after calling several of lawyers, she was the last one on my list to called and compared to the others she was awesome. I didn't think lawyers like her existed cause some just want your money. So I would say if you are experiencing a situation and need her expertise I would suggest to not hesitate like I did."

- Britron

"I was being sued over some medical debt. This was a new experience for me and I had so much anxiety . Kerri and her team handled everything! They were all so comforting and reassuring. I completed the paper work and paid my fees all online. I didn’t have to go to court or anything. Within weeks it was resolved and 75% of the debt was dismissed!"

- Brenda

"Kerri Phillips is a fierce defender of her clients' interests. She is savvy, clever & knowledgeable. She assisted us through negotiations with a very hostile party. The entire time, Kerri was very personable with us and talked us through our fears and different possible outcomes. She's really good at putting everything in plain language so anyone can understand what's going on. Also she stayed in touch with us the entire time so we never felt like we weren't important to her. Kerri is a wonderful lawyer! I would hire her again, and I did! Had her help me write up my business contract that I use in my own business with my clients."

- Jennifer

"Ms. Phillips handled my case with tenacity, integrity and great compassion for me and my family. She was a life saver to us during a very rough period. I would recommend her to anyone in need of legal assistance."

- Adam

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